Interactive Photospheres of Listings on Google Maps

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3.  NEW Google Maps interactive photosphere view of a property:

Why Photospheres?

Millions of people are using website imagery every day to help them decide where to spend their money. Through Trident Global Imaging’s high resolution 360° photospheres, buyers and tenants can see your listings up close and personal in high-resolution detail from their computers and mobile devices, thus becoming more familiar with your properties before they ever get in your car. Such focused searches end up saving you -- and them -- precious showing time.  

How It Works

TGI arrives at your property to shoot with highly-specialized camera equipment.  We create a composite sphere from the photos, and embed all of the metadata necessary to post the image to Google Views as a 360° photosphere.  We digitally send the photosphere to you for upload to your Google+ Views page and, just that easily, your listing is on Google Maps for EVERYONE to discover.  The sphere is linked to your branded Google+ Views page, helping to reinforce your marketing efforts and expand your online presence.  In the case of residential or commercial listings for sale, once the property is sold, simply delete the photosphere from your Views page.  For commercial listings that are leased repeatedly, the photosphere can stay on your Views page for as long as you like.

Selling and leasing real estate is competitive, time-consuming and expensive.  Brokers, agents, sellers, buyers, landlords and tenants are always looking to save time and money while streamlining the sales/purchase/leasing process.  One way is to get the right information in front of the right people, thereby allowing buyers and tenants to zero in on what works for them, and to do it fast, resulting in appointments for showings.

In this information-intensive industry, most buyers and tenants turn to Google Maps for satellite and street-view imagery of listings. Now there’s a cost-effective, simple way to add a third view of your listings to Google Maps -- and its a high-resolution professional image hosted for free by Google. Introducing the “I am there on the ground” interactive 360° photosphere. Your only cost: our professional photography fee of $75 per sphere.

1. Google Maps overhead satellite view of a property:

2.  Google Maps interactive street-view, which stops at driveway or outside gate:

Now: Three Views of Listings on Google Maps

  1. Benefits

  2. BulletAdvertise inexpensively online - - With FREE hosting on Google Maps, your listings are exposed to everyone who searches the area on Maps

  3. Realize immediate additional online exposure and ROI - Photospheres are easy to embed on your personal and agency websites, allowing you to leverage the one-time shoot fee for even more value

  4. Impress your clients and customers - Demonstrate your commitment and marketing savvy by using the most cutting-edge online marketing tools available

  5. BulletIncrease your online profile - Buyers and tenants can explore listings linked specifically to you on Google Maps, in addition to seeing your other listing pages, advertising and MLS postings

  6. BulletVisually curate your listings online - Post all of your listings to your Views page, for one-stop shopping 

  7. BulletEasily source new social media marketing material - Photospheres are linkable across all your social media pages, providing easy-to-access new and interesting content

  8. BulletEntertain and engage buyers - 360° photospheres are interactive, which helps to hold a viewer’s attention while keeping your brand foremost in their mind

  9. BulletGrow word-of-mouth referrals - Nothing is easier to share than a pin placement on Google Maps!