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May 3, 2013

Trident Global Imaging, LLC


  1. David Ulloa, Trident Global Imaging (TGI), 352.229.8477 office or 903.238.6101 cell, SKYPE uev-dave, david.ulloa@tridentglobalimaging.com,

  2. Dee McHenry, TGI, 352.229.8477 office or 757.870.4517 cell, SKYPE dee.mchenry, dee.mchenry@tridentglobalimaging.com, http://tridentglobalimaging.com

  3. Mike Campbell, Senior Environmental Specialist, Lee County, Division of Natural Resources (DNR), 239.533.8109 office, mncampbell@leegov.com, http://www.lee-county.com/gov/dept/NaturalResources/Marine/Pages/default.aspx

Advancing Technology Delivers Web’s First Street-View Style Virtual Shipwreck Tour

Mohawk Memorial Reef subject of world’s first stunning underwater super-zoom 360° spherical photo tour

WHEN: Friday, May 3, 2013

WHERE: Virtual tour under In-Depth tab on Lee County’s Mohawk Memorial Reef website at http://ussmohawkreef.com/

LIVE IN-PERSON & SKYPE INTERVIEWS: David Ulloa & Dee McHenry, principals, TGI; Mike Campbell, Senior Environmental Specialist, Lee County DNR. Please call in advance to book timeslot.

DOWNLOADABLE HI-RES PHOTOS/TOOLS: Multi media journalists and TV stations, please click here (http://www.tridentglobalimaging.com/press.html) for slideshow ready, cut & paste captioned images and split track VNR with MS-Word story track.


Sunk as an artificial reef on July 2, 2012 by Lee County’s Division of Natural Resources in 90 feet of water roughly 28 miles off of Sanibel Island on Florida’s southwest coast, the USSCGC Mohawk was the United States’ first military ship dedicated to veterans as a memorial reef. On May 3, 2013, Lee County created another first when it rolled out its new Mohawk Memorial Reef website containing the Internet’s first comprehensive interactive photo tour of an underwater shipwreck.

The tour was produced by Trident Global Imaging, a Florida company specializing in providing cutting-edge underwater photographic services to government agencies, industry and private clients. TGI’s underwater team shot over 900 photos covering the main deck, bridge, smokestack and crow’s nest; the post production team utilized 6 software programs to take the images through 10,000 processing steps, creating a final tour comprised of over 130,000 image tiles. The resulting online interactive tour contains 16 richly detailed 360° panoramas presented in multi-layered, tiled resolution that permits zooming to view details. With an emphasis on environmental education, the linked street-view style tour opens up underwater shipwreck exploration to anyone who has a computer or mobile device connected to the Internet.

The 165-foot World War II Coast Guard cutter “Mighty Mo” was well known for her role in the D-Day invasion. With the ship’s replica guns, smokestack, crow’s nest, bridge, and massive propeller, the Mohawk Memorial Reef is a premier dive destination offering an exceptional diving experience. After Friday, she will further secure her place in the history books by becoming the first underwater vessel comprehensively photographed and presented online for virtual exploration by countless veterans and enthusiasts around the world, anytime, anywhere, as she sits in her final resting place in the Gulf of Mexico.

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TGI’s USS Mohawk Aqua-Tour Video News Release

Hi-Res Captioned Images for Slideshow