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where to eat during NYC Restaurant Week™

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In the summer of 2013, 294 restaurants participated in NYC & Company’s 22nd annual NYC Restaurant Week™. To help these restaurants attract more customers, NYC & Company wanted to incorporate new informational features on its restaurant listing pages.

Google Business Photos was incorporated into restaurant listings on


To help restaurants attract more customers, NYC & Company embedded Google Maps, Google Street View, and Google Business Photos on its website, In particular, Google Business Photos, which offers fully interactive virtual tours of business interiors, gave diners a valuable new way to explore participating restaurants. This premium-quality imagery significantly influenced diners in deciding where to eat.


55% of all participating restaurants had Business Photos and results showed

that diners were more likely to reserve a table at those restaurants. In New

York City’s competitive food scene, this compelling visual imagery offered these

restaurants a valuable edge.

  1. BulletOn average, restaurant listings that included Google Business Photos had a 30% higher click through to reservations

  2. ClickyVisitors who viewed Business Photos for a given business clicked through to make a reservation 50% of the time (20% more than visitors who didn’t view Business Photos)

  3. Clicky84% of 1,300 surveyed customers said Google Business Photos played a factor in their restaurant choice


Tour business interiors with Google Business Photos on desktop, mobile, and tablet devices

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Find a Google Trusted Photographer or Trusted Agency on the Google Business

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About NYC & Company

NYC & Company is New York City’s official

tourism and marketing organization, serving

the city’s 8 million residents and 52 million

annual visitors. In 1992, NYC & Company

launched NYC Restaurant Week™—the first

event of its kind. Participating restaurants

offer promotional prix fixe menus to generate

business and attract new customers.


Google Business Photos offers premium quality interactive tours of business interiors.  These 360-degree, panoramic views were embedded directly into This allowed visitors to explore a restaurant and quickly see the ambiance and decor as they chose where to dine.

To learn more, visit


“For NYC Restaurant Week, we have seen

that the more engaged consumers are,

the more likely they are to book multiple

reservations. Being able to feature Google

Business Photos, along with menu previews,

as part of our booking experience has had a

direct impact on our visitors’ decision to

make a reservation.”

Edward A. Hogikyan

Senior Vice President, Marketing

NYC & Company


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