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About Trident Global Imaging

Trusted Photographer

Certified by Google as a Trusted Independent Photographer for Business View.

Our professional services can work for you!!

  1. BulletIncrease foot traffic by giving customers a virtual preview that helps sell in-person visits

  2. Stand out from your competition

  3. Create buzz about your business by providing discoverable online content

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  5. Enjoy incremental social media impact by giving satisfied customers an easy way to find you on the web, and repost you to their social media pages

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Trident Global Imaging’s compelling visual products speak to mankind’s fundamental need to explore. Our expertise lies in our extensive imaging experience, our understanding of the technology required to reliably capture and deliver virtual tours, and our understanding of the needs of businesses to uniquely engage their customers.  What further distinguishes TGI is our ability to produce 360° spherical images of locations most companies won’t attempt to access - in the air, in low-light conditions, and underwater.

Our vision is to professionally capture what we see in 360-degree spherical “you are there” images, so that you can visually share your business with people online around the globe.  We utilize innovative technology and cutting edge photography techniques to produce engaging spherical images and virtual tours for commerce, exploration, education, and adventure.

Our products are perfect tools for business owners who are proud of what they’ve built and want to share their business with existing customers while generating new customers by providing moments of discovery and entertainment via online virtual tours that help clients satisfy their curiosity and tap into their inner explorer.

David Ulloa ~ Co-Founder
David Ulloa is a co-founder of Trident Global Imaging, LCC and the president of Valeo Films Inc.  As a technical diver and expedition cameraman, David’s passion for his art and his continued outstanding performance as an underwater camera operator, assistant director, unit production manager, line producer, writer, director, producer and on-screen talent have earned him the respect of his colleagues as well as the industry at large.  

As an avid deep water cave diver and shipwreck explorer, David has participated in several high profile expeditions including those to USS Monitor and to Silver Glen Springs cave system. David also contributes to several leading industry publications, including Alert Diver, Advanced Diver, and Beyond Blue. Before film and video production work, David worked as a highly rated US Navy Submarine Nuclear Power Plant Machinist Mate.  Assigned to the engineering department, he was part of the team responsible for the successful operation and maintenance of the submarine’s nuclear power plant propulsion systems.

Dee McHenry ~ Co-Founder
Dee McHenry is a co-founder of Trident Global Imaging, LLC and the vice president of  Valeo Films Inc.   With a business degree from W&M, Dee has worked in commercial banking, residential real estate, sports photography, business/personal management, and startup business development. Her specialized contract work with private high net worth clients has taken her all over the world.

In 2007, she turned her focus toward a lifelong dream: bringing her business and adventure-minded interests to bear on an outdoors-based life. Coming to work for Valeo Films in 2008, she began advanced technical dive training, and has taken lead on several key projects including producing Sink the Vandenberg - a live wifi broadcast of the sinking of the second largest artificial reef in the world - and producing, writing, and shooting Touched by a Shark - a documentary film about sharks.